Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tropical storm Lee

A .ly registration is the process of registering top-level country-code domain names for Libya.

I read a book entitled Challenges of Change by Stanley A. Fulham, the retired NORAD officer who predicted the swarms of shiny round UFOS seen over NYC on October 13, 2010. He used a medium to channel Pleiades aliens who are sympathetic to the plight of humanity. Their message is that the current escalation of disasters is meant to jolt the world into awareness of corruption and force world leaders to react. I don't know if disasters are the most expedient way of curing mankind of the scourge of greed... after all if money can be created out of thin air, how fucked up are governments if anyone is starving? But it would make sense in the context of the physics of emotion, which suggests that emotions and natural phenomena are somehow interrelated.