Saturday, May 14, 2011

Poetry Snuffs Politics

In recovery from hypersensitivity I prefer to avoid cities so I understand to what extent global warming has already made the planet unlivable, including the heinous threats of chemtrails and fracking. But progressing on a parallel track is another variable on the causes of disaster: a new class of weapon called HAARP. Since last year I've been reading about the feasibility of man-made earthquakes and other geological phenomena. On the fringes of the net, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program's radio beaming technology is being blamed for a wide range of disasters, including an earthquake in Japan. They say ex-Japanese minister of finance Heizo Takenakawho, who fought tooth and nail to keep Japan's banking system public, admitted he was threatened with an earthquake if he didn't allow the world's banking elite to reign in his country to private banking norms. Could the illuminati have such complete disregard for 'the masses'? Not a big stretch of the imagination. Many of the recent revolutions in the Arab world took place in countries with public banking systems. How convenient for the banking elite with a stealy determination for economic domination to swoop in and privatize banks as the smoke clears. Democracy at a fire sale...

Notwithstanding these tableaus of human nature's basest instincts, the physics of emotion remain. Its laws are discernible by poetry, thus it functions in a truly higher dimension. As Harry Shearer said on Bill Maher's May 13th Real Time in response to Bill's affirmation that huge tornadoes are caused by global warming, "Well, there's more reality shows, we know that." And who needs fiction? As an airport worker's home is destroyed in a mega tornado, a picture of his daughter flies several miles away to land on the window of his break room at the airport. Those receptive to mystical poetry enjoy immunity from nitty gritty reality.

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